2 – Recruitment Drive

Alright folks! If you’re reading this, you’re getting in on the ground floor of my new webcomic, Heroes of Lesser Earth! (Sorry!) Technically, as of this writing, I’m not quite ready to be totally live, but hell, I guess if sit around and wait until everything is perfect?it will never actually happen. So, here we are!

I’m starting with the first 3 strips, to give everyone a feel for what I’m doing here. The plan is 2 updates a week, one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays. There are forums for folks to discuss?well frankly anything they want, and in which I will be participating as well. In this blog thing here I’ll be keeping everyone abreast of any cons or or places I’m liable to show up, and anything interesting that happens in connection to the comic. (Or completely unrelated in the likely event that I don’t have anything web-comickey to report.)

So, for the most part I just want to say welcome, and I hope you enjoy yourself here. This site isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants it. Have fun!

2 Responses to 2 – Recruitment Drive

  1. well im late, but i dig. read about this in the foolioweeky. i have a few friends that i’ve got to turn on to this.