Monthly Archives: February 2012

Captain Ultraviolence Edition

Captain America: First Avenger was one of Lena’s favorite movies of the last season, and I pretty much loved it too. There was an actual story, stayed true to the character, and still managed to show us things we had never seen before. This was one of the reasons I was so excited to see there was a sequel coming.

This next vid is really just an (old) ad for Family Guy, but it’s so geek-adjacent I felt like it had a place here. Make it so!

Yeah, yeah, you all know what this is. I promise I’ll get it out of my system eventually.

Karate Don’t Sing Edition

To begin, a movie about solving a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t know if kids these days still do these, but when I was young it was a lot of fun. I imagine puzzle games on the computer or console serve much the same purpose. Following is easily the best in our continuing series of WhiteContinue Reading

The role Barry Bostwick was born for… I think this is the first Songify video I’ve put up here… but I guess it was high time. In any case, it was pretty damn funny. And now, for our obligatory Skyrim video, (at least until I get finished with my first play-through) we learn why guards areContinue Reading