Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Keep Your Coat On Pizzeria Edition

A rose, by any other name, is still a rose. But if thou callest a bucket full of pig shit a rose, thou art a goddamn liar.

Don’t you just know this is what gets said when the cameras are off?

Turn the closed captioning on while you watch this, to get the full, intended effect. It won’t help you understand at all, but at least you’ll know what they’re saying.

Stayin’ Alive in Skyrim Edition

Times have changed. Mouth to mouth and CPR is now less effective than CPR alone for a stopped heart. (Wonder who was willing to test that out?) Snatch’s Bullet Tooth Tony is teaching life-saving techniques, and disco has become the great healer of men. I have to admit… Nicole Kidman has never really been my favoriteContinue Reading

Oh iPhone, Just Kill Me Now Edition

I have never made an online dating profile video, but if I did, I think this is what it might look like. Many of you know that I got my iPhone the morning they first came out. As an experienced user, I can tell you that the following scenario almost never happens. Just another reason not toContinue Reading

Silly Season Edition!

It seems like you just can’t be a scandal-ridden failed presidential candidate these days without somebody making fun of you over it. Yet another installment of the “Who put that guy on TV?” show. (By the way, I am outraged at the phallic shape of everyone’s neckties.) Appealing to the base. The line for bigotsContinue Reading

The Tuesday Videos: The Misinformed Edition

Our first vid is for you young whippersnappers who think that Star Wars starts with number one. It doesn’t. It starts with number four and number one comes much, much later… if at all. Whatever. Anyway, there are are a disturbing number of kids out there who think that Four through Six were those “old”Continue Reading