Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Thursday Blog: Denouement Edition

As of this morning, the final strip has been uploaded for a little more than a week now. It’s a rough adjustment for me, given that this is something I have been doing regularly for the past five and half years, and that I have loved so much. I feel as if I am dangling from a trapeze a hundred feet in the air over a parking lot with grease on my hands. I am more than a little wigged out.

HOLE has been a great ride for me, and I feel as if I have accomplished something I can be proud of. Six years ago I do not think that I had much ability to structure my own time and to stick to a schedule of my own devising. I had never finished any major project I had begun… “momentary enthusiasm” seemed to be my middle name.

But HOLE changed all that for me. I connected to it, and through it, to you. I had 1,200 reasons a day to be on time, to be structured, and to take the comic, and myself, seriously. (Well… you know what I mean.) For the first time I had a major project that was all mine, with a real, tangible product at the end. Something I could look back on and say, “I did that.” And more importantly, really most importantly, I had the confidence to know that I could do more. (It remains to be seen if the comic itself is anything to be proud of.)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m planning on writing some books. I’d like to see them in print but that might be wishful thinking. There’s nothing wrong with ebooks. The stories are burning a hole in my head, trying to get out. I’m excited, but even better than that, I’m confident. That’s something I didn’t have before.

Tuesday and Thursday will continue to see blog entries here as it has for the past years, and we’re planning of setting up a more efficient archive system for the comic too, to make it easier to just sit and read that. HOLE may be over, but I’m not really going anywhere. For those of you who want to stay on top of future projects and receive announcements about major developments, feel free to add yourself to the email list over there on the right. Your name and address are safe with me. I detest those who sell lists of emails under false guise and I will not do it to you.

I’m going to go now. Lena is taking the day off and I don’t want to miss any further opportunity to spend some time with her. I think we’ll finish watching Game of Thrones.

Take care.