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The Friday Blog

Saturday, May 8th is Drunken Fellowship Day.

A week from tomorrow a gathering is coming over to the house for watching Fellowship of the Ring. Since we are all adults, and therefore legal to act incredibly childish, we have decided to make a drunken revelry of it. (With slooow baked chicken wings!) Ron spent several seconds finding LotR drinking games, and gave me some ideas for one of our own.

So run down to the grocery store, pick up a case of brew, several packages of wings and a few bottles of bar-b-que sauce, and invite your buds over for the Saturday after next! We’ll have a blast!

The Fellowship Drinking Game Rules

  1. Beer Shot: Any reaction shot of just Elijah Woods and his weirdly huge blue eyes. (He can’t be talking, just looking.)
  2. Beer Shot: Every time a firework goes off.
  3. Double Shot: Any time Bilbo says something incomprehensible.
  4. Beer Shot: Whenever Frodo puts on the ring.
  5. DoubleShot: Every time you see Sauron’s finger get cut off.
  6. Beer Shot: Every time Pippin does something stupid.
  7. DoubleShot: Every time Pippin does something life-threateningly stupid.
  8. Beer Shot: Any time it looks like Sam and Frodo want to kiss.
  9. DoubleShot: Any time it looks like Aragorn and Boromir want to kiss.
  10. Beer Shot: Nazgul scream.
  11. Beer Shot: “Oh Sam…”
  12. Beer Shot: Any time you see Sauron’s Big Red Eye. (Ancient supervillain defeated by Visine, story at eleven.)
  13. Beer Shot: Each time Elrond gets pissed.
  14. Double Shot: Each time the Nazgul get pissed.
  15. Full Beer: “Fool of a Took!”
  16. Duration Drink: Any panoramic shot of the party traveling across the countryside.
  17. Beer Shot: Legolas kills something.
  18. Double Shot: Gimli falls down, belches, has CGI snot fly out of his nose, gets thrown, or in any other way displays his role as comedic relief.
  19. Double Shot: For each troll.
  20. Beer Shot: “Gollum!”
  21. Beer Shot: “Precious…”
  22. Double Shot: Any time anyone talks about how surprised they are by hobbits… the hidden strengths of hobbits… or just in general how great hobbits are… which no one knew even though they all spend all their time chatting about it.
  23. Beer Shot: Every time Frodo grabs his chest.
  24. Beer Shot: Every time Boromir catches an arrow with his chest.
  25. Beer Shot: Every time you wish Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli had thought to buy horses at any town they might have passed.
  26. Full Beer: If you can still recognize any of the principle characters at the end of the movie. Two if you can still tell the difference between Merry and Pippin.

I think the best way to do this is to divide the rules up by however many people you have watching, and make them responsible for shouting “DRINK!” whenever their rule gets tapped. Party Foul (you drink alone) if someone else catches one of your rules that you missed.

I’ll let you know how it turns out! (If I can remember it!)