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640 – White Smoke Mountain • 09

The Wednesday Video

This is for fans of the Guild, who might have wondered whatever happened in Jeff Lewis’ life to turn him into Vork.

And yes, this is a genuine Taco Bell training video.

639 – White Smoke Mountain • 08

Dear DM @nalA: MD raeD, Other than GURPS, can you think of a (Good) way to do crossovers with different RPG systems, either using time travel, or due to some kind of time/space incident using, say, D&D, and WFRP characters in the same group universe? Dear nalA, Honestly, the first thing I would do would beContinue Reading

638 – White Smoke Mountain • 07

The Friday Blog I have been saving this very special news for Friday, because it felt like it needed some ceremony. But Friday is here, and it’s time to share. Inspired by several of you who have already begun worshipping me, I have gotten myself legally ordained as a Minister in the Universal Life Church,Continue Reading

637 – White Smoke Mountain • 06

The Wednesday Video Nailed it!

636 – White Smoke Mountain • 05

Dear DM @Dacatus: Dear DM, shooting the breeze with my friends, we came up with the following scenario: a character is tossed into a lion pit or similar where some rapacious creatures devour her. The animals are hungry enough to devour all of the character, leaving maybe some scraps of clothing behind only. Now, what you wouldContinue Reading

635 – White Smoke Mountain • 04

The Friday Blog One day It cornered a buddy of mine and made him explain the mechanics of gay sex to me. I already knew what went where, (or I thought I did) but I didn’t understand why all the other guys mooned over his new boyfriend just because the guy had a huge pecker.Continue Reading

634 – White Smoke Mountain • 03

The Wednesday Video People have been predicting the death of the printed word ever since the radio. (Radio was also supposed to destroy the American family, much as were voting rights for women and blacks, and most recently homosexual marriage. I think someone keeps losing the scorecard.) After radio, television was to have killed print,Continue Reading

633 – White Smoke Mountain • 02

Dear DM @Christina: Dear DM, if a bunch of cocky, evil player characters decide to go on a killing spree in town, what can you recommend as the most amusing (or amusingly cruel) tool in your cabinet of DM tricks for some “attitude adjustment” while still allowing them to continue breathing? Having the elite city guard beatContinue Reading

632 – White Smoke Mountain • 01

The Friday Blog Lena and I had some friends over last night for dinner and movies. I made a new kind of chili that I tried out on them because I enjoy turning house guests into guinea pigs, and I rented a flick on the Apple TV. On the dual strength of the Oscars lastContinue Reading

631 – Prep Work • 14

The Wednesday Video Modern adult cartoons like South Park, Archer, and the Simpsons may seem racy and cutting edge, but they tread the same ground first blazed back in 1960 by a groundbreaking cartoon called the Flintstones. (Itself a copycat of the Honeymooners, but that’s not what was so special about it.) The Flintstones wasContinue Reading