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3 Days to New HOLE!

Today is my last official vacation day, and I want to tell everyone thanks. As of this writing I haven’t actually started my vacation yet, but I’m sure you were all great sports about it and that we all had a lot of fun.

I’ll let you know below if I did anything excessively cool, but mostly I want everyone to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lena! (First!) She gets a raw deal usually with her birthday being on New Year’s Eve, but this year we’ve decided to throw a party anyway. I think it’ll be next weekend, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

In any case, I love you Lena. You are the world to me, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday.


P.S. Happy New Years to everyone else!

4 Days to New HOLE!

If you’re looking for an exciting new video game to while away the hours, look no further. Behold… Creature Combat IV: Slaughter House!

5 Days to New HOLE!

I have had a number of really great DMs over the years, and I have tried (and I like to think, largely failed) to incorporate the things I liked the best about each of their styles into my own game. Allow your players to feel in control of their own destinies, try to say yes,Continue Reading

6 Days to New HOLE!

I love Jodie Foster, and I have to admit that I was nonplussed to discover that she had made a movie with Mel Gibson. It did not seem like a natural pairing. Adorable, lesbian, professional and batshit racist drunk. You can see my confusion. Then I saw the trailer, and it all became clear. (AddedContinue Reading

7 Days to New HOLE!

So how did it go? Did you get everything you were after? Were people pleased with your gifts? Was it even better than you were hoping for? Was the bill even higher? I’m writing this a little bit ahead of time so I haven’t actually opened anything yet, though there are a stack of presentsContinue Reading

10 Days to New HOLE!

Tomorrow is Christmas, yo, and I was wondering, what are you hoping for this year? Are there any things that you’ve been hinting at for a while that you’d like to find under the tree? (I’d tell you what I was hoping for but Lena reads this and I’m sure coming right out and sayingContinue Reading

11 Days to New HOLE!

This video made me so happy I cried. It is a pitch-perfect demonstration of why my Christmas tree is decorated with Mickey heads and topped with Tinkerbell. Kroiden stuck this in the comments below, and I loved it so much I thought it needed to go up here. Merry fucking Christmas, dude!

12 Days to New HOLE!

Last year my D&D group was attacked during the midwinter festival by a trio of demonic snowmen who were looking to upgrade their temporary bodies with more permanent ones… a Champions game I was in once involved rescuing a kidnapped Santa from an evil robotic Santabot bent on ruining Christmas… one GURPS game I wasContinue Reading

13 Days to New HOLE!

I’m not normally one for Christmas carols and the like. Lena and I trim the tree to the sounds of a Cthulhu Christmas, and I once launched a bucket of refrigerated water balloons at a group of carolers. But there’s something about this one that’s special, though I can’t quite put my finger on whatContinue Reading

14 Days to New HOLE!

When I was a young teen, the personal computer craze was just ginning up. One of the earliest entries in the home market was the Adam computer, by Coleco. It had a “printer”, which was a flywheel typewriter that typed the pages you wrote into your computer. I pined for this thing for six monthsContinue Reading