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563 – Monster Soup • 05


As my Romanian friend next door likes to say, this video “has my heart.” Now I know that many of you are cute-o-phobes, and I’d suggest that you just skip this one. It is endearing and uplifting, and you likely won’t want to watch. I, on the other hand, got almost ten seconds into it before I knew I was going to have to share.

For those of you unafraid to smile, and those of you brave enough to look anyway even though you will lie to me and swear that you were sour throughout, here is the The Orangutan and the Hound.

EDIT: If Youtube tells you that your country is a bastard, you can try this link instead.

For my own curiosity, does anyone out there know how things like this happen? The video makes it seem pretty spontaneous, and I am intensely curious. I know many of you are way smarter than I am about this kind of thing, so… any opinions?