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498 – You Can’t Go Back: 05



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A little bit of possibly good news from New York… at the end of January the New York legislature received a proposed budget from the Governor that would cut state funding to 76 zoos, botanical gardens, and aquariums by 9.1 million dollars. Zoos suddenly faced the very real prospect of having to divest themselves of a portion of the charges entrusted to their care as they would no longer be able to afford to keep them. The New York State Budget Office released a statement saying that the cutbacks were “regrettable but necessary,” and the stimulus package expressly forbids it’s money being used to patch up budget shortfalls. It seemed that doom was certain.

Then the Bronx Zoo released these… it’s secret weapons.


As you can tell in the extremely irritating boxes that some happy goof placed over the movies, enough signatures were collected as a result of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium’s campaign to force the New York State legislature to rethink their position and let the cute little critters stay.

In general I think this is all well and good… though it makes me uneasy not knowing who got extra budget cuts in favor of porcupines. What do YOU think?