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455 – Bringing the Hurt: 2


See strip # 152!

The Atheist Bus Campaign in London had given themselves two months to raise £5,500 to place their slogan, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” on the sides of 30 busses for 4 weeks. (Richard Dawkins, noted atheist author, had pledged to match funds up to that amount.) In less than 24 hours they had raised £47,900. There was apparently more support than they had counted on.

Soon afterwards a new set of bus adverts purchased by the Christian Party hit the streets. These looked exactly like the atheist ads, but the wording had changed to “There definitely is a god, so join the Christian Party and enjoy your life.” Right after that, the Russian Orthodox Church bought their own bus ads proclaiming “There IS a god, BELIEVE. Don’t worry and enjoy your life.” Not to be outdone, the Trinitarian Bible Society quotes Psalm 53:1 for their ad, which reads “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God…” This is a good one for me. I’ve always felt that the best way to defend the bible against people who think that the bible is a bunch of made-up hooey is to quote the bits of that same bible to them where it says that the bible is real.

My favorite part of this was that many christians who found the atheist ads offensive called the ASA (the Advertising Standards Authority) to complain that the claim that there “probably is no god” could not be substantiated, and therefore was a fraud. Now in order to rule on this complaint properly, the ASA would have had to put themselves in the position of publicly coming out either for, or against, the existence of a supreme being. Wisely, they punted, declaring that the adverts were an “expression of the advertiser’s opinion and that the claims in it were not capable of objective substantiation.”

If I had an ad on the side of a bus I wonder what it’d say…

454 – Bringing the Hurt: 1

A recent piece in Vanity Fair about Iceland implied, among a score of other half-truths and silly gossip, that in order for a new business to receive a permit to build, there needs to be an impact study to ensure that no elves are displaced by the construction. The government does require a study beContinue Reading

453 – Recap: 10

Watchmen video game. Definitely not work-safe.

452 – Recap: 9

  When workmen in Shoreditch London found a strange looking device under a manhole cover, the decided that discretion was the better part of valor and called the police. The coppers came, bringing the bomb squad and evacuating the block as they explored the tense situation. The nearby Windmill Pub, in the most horrifying of consequences, hadContinue Reading

451 – Recap: 8

  Michael Jackson sold 750,000 tickets in London for fifty shows in his “This is It” tour. This was, one supposes, to have been… well… “it.” The concerts were touted as Jackson’s final farewell concerts, and we were never to see his alien countenance on stage again. That’s what 750,000 people thought, anyway. But in a recentContinue Reading

450 – Recap: 7

A new study by Timothy Salthouse and the Salthouse Cognitive Aging Lab has shown that a normal person’s mental abilities peak at age 22, and then begin to deteriorate at age 27. Apparently previous tests were biased towards middle-agers, and thus inaccurately showed our mental decline much later in life. Brain training can increase mental agility, though notContinue Reading

449 – Recap: 6

I’ve started using the elliptical in the mornings before breakfast in an attempt to begin shedding a few pounds. (For wildly radical definitions of the word “few.”) I’m starting with ten minutes a day, and gradually increasing, then adding in some more exercises. Anyway, the first day I flipped on the TV while I pedaledContinue Reading

448 – Recap: 5

  I just found out I can take nearly two percent off of the interest rate of my mortgage by refinancing. That’s down into the four-point-something range. I almost feel a little guilty pursuing this, knowing that I’ll be doing my little bit to worsen the world’s economy… except when I consider the results of losingContinue Reading

447 – Recap: 4

No, I’m not just running out of ideas, “Recap” is the beginning of book four in the continuing story of the Heroes of Lesser Earth. I am trying to serve two masters though, both people who pick up a book and maybe don’t have the three that preceded it, and folks who want an easy jump-on pointContinue Reading

446 – Recap: 3

In a swedish zoo lives a chimpanzee named Santino that has set the animal behaviorist world afire. In the calm mornings before the zoo opens, Santino quietly makes his way around the outside of his stone and concrete enclosure, placidly rapping on the walls. When he hears a hollow rap, he knocks a little harderContinue Reading