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602 – Chorka • 11

The Wednesday Video

I doubt that there is anyone who reads this blog who hasn’t seen Chad Vader before, but I thought that for the one or two of you who might have missed it, I’d start you off from the beginning. If you have seen them before, well, they’re still funny.

601 – Chorka • 10

Dear DM, @Jamescrappedcorn: Dear DM, blah blah blah blah, everything’s about me, blah blah blah. Dear Jamescrappedcorn, My day? Glad you asked! Okay, to begin with, Lena has been nursing her hands all weekend long because she is a designer and works on the computer all day and gets the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so sheContinue Reading

600 – Chorka • 09

The True Meaning of Christmas This year a little history. For those of you who wish everyone would drop all the secular commercialism and get back to the real spirit of Christmas. Three examples of pre-Christian Christmastime. The extremely ancient Persians worshipped a god of the sun Named Mithra. (Not even his original name, the PersiansContinue Reading

599 – Chorka • 08

Christmas is almost upon us, as is HOLE’s #600! In the spirit of the season and in keeping with the Wednesday Video, I now leave this kick-ass movie on your holiday plate. Bon appétit.

598 – Chorka • 07

Dear DM… @Woohoo: Dear DM, I live in the UK but am going to the US over Christmas and have arranged to game with some people while over there. It’ll be the first time I’ve done tabletop with a US group. Assuming they don’t just drag me out in to the garden and pummel me toContinue Reading

597 – Chorka • 06

Yesterday (12.14.09) saw one Matthew Spaulding, a constitutional scholar with the Heritage Foundation, release a paper opining that Barack Obama may be in breach of the Constitution of the United States for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. I have read Mr. Spaulding’s paper, and I find him to be full of fail. There is aContinue Reading

596 – Chorka • 05

Time for the Wednesday video! One of my wife’s friends had a husband that I tried (unsuccessfully) to strike up a friendship of my own with. It seemed like a good idea since the women were such close buds, and I wanted to encourage Lena to get out more. But it was not to be.Continue Reading

595 – Chorka • 04

Dear DM @Alan: Dear DM, As our group is chronically short of people willing to GM/DM, I am sometimes placed in the situation where I must do it. However, while I tend to write encounters which are fairly balanced, I have a tendency to actually try and kill of the players. Is this normal? If not, what do IContinue Reading

594 – Chorka • 03

I Was Wrong. And I’m man enough to admit it. For years here I have defended the idea of gay marriage and derided it’s critics who said that it would ruin the institution of marriage for alla us straight guys. (Woof-woof-woof!) I said that line of reasoning was a stupid argument made by ignorant peopleContinue Reading

593 – Chorka • 02

It’s time for the Wednesday video! I have made fun of these folks before, but they have something (sort of) new out on the YouTubes, and I thought I’d share. The song is long, boring, and very poorly sung, but when you’ve had your fill, instead of just stopping it, I’d suggest advancing to theContinue Reading