Monthly Archives: June 2008

297-The Power of Cheese

296-Slippery Bastards

295-Drinking With the Enemy

Oooh my poor head hurts. I have one of those awful tension headaches that start up on top of your head, slowly move down your neck, into your shoulders and back — and about this time starts to make you nauseous as well. I just took a pair of Excedrine Tension and poured a bigContinue Reading

294-At the Speed of Plot

293-Behind the Magic: 3 of 3

292-Behind the Magic: 2 of 3

Well guys, it’s finally happened. With your proud support HOLE has carried away the brass ring of all web-comicdom… the prestigious and coveted Nugatory Picayune American Comics Award! The “Nougats,” as they are commonly called, (for the one guy living under the trash can who doesn’t know this already) are awarded once every five yearsContinue Reading

291-Behind the Magic: 1 of 3

290-Man on the Street

289-Roll With the Times

I got an email from a relative the other day quoting Theodore Roosevelt on immigrants. It had been sent to about 20 cousins and other family members, and basically discussed how even ol’ Teddy knew that immigrants were such a disruptive force that they should be made to learn the language of the land, assimilateContinue Reading

288-Talking to the Hand