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Happy Birthday Lena!

Today is my wife Lena’s birthday. I am of course tempted to talk at great length about how wonderful and special and smart and successful she is, but I won’t. It’s probably less interesting to you than it is to me and she fusses at me for making her cry whenever I get sappy anyway.

But I will say this… Lena, I love you more than any other thing in my life. Even though I feel like I can never repay you for all the things you’ve done for me, I’m also never going to stop trying. Though they may not realize it, anyone who comes to this site owes you a nod as well, since HOLE could never have happened, nor kept going for any time whatsoever, without your work and continued efforts.

So Happy Birthday, Baby — this is our day to celebrate you. Enjoy the fish tank, and I ordered the Wonder Woman DVDs. It’s all about YOU!


(Feel free to leave Webmistress Lena your birthday wishes below!)