Yearly Archives: 2007

219-Bunker’s Superpower

218-My Food is Problematic

217-You Say Tomato

First, announcements: Merry Christmas! Lena got an iPod nano and I got a case of D&D minis! No painting required FTW! Also, check out the HOLE Store and see all the new goodies we have! Nearly everything is customizable and it’s heads and tails better than that one yellow t-shirt! There will be more stuffContinue Reading

216-Here I Sit, All Broken-Hearted?

215-Getting to Know You

214-A Spoonful of Sugar

This started off as a response to a chain letter my sister sent me. I hate those things. “Send this letter ahead to 40 of your closest friends and good fortune will come to you. Delete it and Baby Jesus will die.” They usually have some letter trying to make you feel guilty about notContinue Reading

213-Tribal History

212-Two Dead Guys Walk into a Bar

211-Stealth: 101

We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.” — Thomas Edison I was thinking the other day about how we as people define ourselves. Many of us use our jobs, (plumber, race car driver) many our religion, (Christian, Buddhist) and many consider physical description. (white man, black woman) Often, geographical location is usedContinue Reading

210-Forgiving and Forgetting