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106-Leadership Qualities

105-Healing Process

104-I Spy

A few years ago, in the middle of a Florida summer, Lena and I decided we wanted to find some new places to go walking. We liked to walk early in the morning while the heat was only oppressive and not yet murderous, and we had all the streets around our home burned into theContinue Reading

103-Me Dammit!


(My father-in-law sent me a funny email today blasting liberals and praising conservatives. I happen to think both sides are deluded so I wrote my own version. Enjoy.) Humans originally existed as small bands of nomadic hunter/gatherers. They lived on berries, roots, and small game during the warm months and larger game and fried meatsContinue Reading

101-Say it With Pastry

100-Get Your Mad On

We like to think that American means better, but it’s not really always the case. In some things American is good, in others, not so much. A perfect example is stevia. This is a sweetener originally from Paraguay. The indigenous peoples there have dried leaves from the stevia plant and put them in their teaContinue Reading

99-The Gang’s All Here