Monthly Archives: September 2006

81-Fickle Fighters

80-Ding, Fries Are Done!

Okay, one brief aside before I get to the real article. Have you ever thought, “Hey, this is a fun site. I’d like to do something for them, as long as it didn’t cost me anything!” Well guess what? Now you can! Lena entered an art contest the other day to draw a cute babyContinue Reading

79-The Beer Swamp

78-Say it with Love

Last week around the gaming table the subject of immortality came up. Along with it came that old trope of countless vampire stories and tales of other soul-weary immortals— if you could really choose to be immortal, would you? The DM and I immediately began nodding our heads yes, but another of the players wasn’tContinue Reading

77-A Thorny Problem

76-Gathering No Moss

There is an odd belief in this world, that we individuals who consume our media are somehow more intelligent, more responsible, and more able to “handle” what we see and read than everyone else who consumes that same media. The implication seems to be that whereas I can watch 750,000 instances per hour of nudityContinue Reading

75-Behind the Pink Door

74-Joe Enkidu

I’m pretty sure this was the best Dragon*con I’ve been to yet. Lena and I scheduled every minute of every day during the car ride to Atlanta, (note to self, next year, leave room for eating and sleeping) and as a result were able to fit in LOADS of fun and “education.” Lena is makingContinue Reading

73-Foot in Mouth Disease