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20-Barflies – Guest Comic

Again, congratulations Belle. (I don’t want to cover up your accomplishment with another bloggy-writey-thing.)

Saturday, one of my gaming friends was discussing the reasons he did not wish to add another MMORPG to his list of “life-drainers.” He was saying that at the end of a night of play in one of these, he had, essentially, nothing to keep. No actual reward for his efforts. Nothing had been produced, no actual relationships had been created or developed, there wasn’t anything to point to and be proud of. Not that this was keeping him out of the City of Heroes, just that it was something he was trying to reconcile within himself. I understood, because I have been having the exact same thoughts.

When I game with friends, it provides a more satisfying interaction with other (mostly) human beings. There are memories, laughter, derring-do, and hugs. There is some of that in WoW, (my time-drug of choice) but the straight experience of the game is not really as fulfilling, recreation-wise. Now the ability to play with my wife Lena online, makes a HUGE difference for me. We talk via iChat and yell, scream, and gossip our way through dungeons and deserts, making the experience something I can share with her, and something we are doing together, re-introducing the concept of genuine human interaction once more. My buddy and his partner can play together some of the time, but not all.

Now in the course of my own coming to grips with this issue, it occurred to me that what I was really discussing was a facet of one’s philosophy of life. My own, personal eternal question is “What do you want on your tombstone?” Do you want it to say “He had a fun, full life.” or would you rather it read “He worked a lot.” Once you’re dead, the difference is pretty much moot, so all you have is the time in which you are placing those experiences. The fact is, the whole notion of having to be productive all the time, (even during your down time!) is part and parcel with the Protestant overwork ethic/unfulfilled/depressed/never measure up bull doo-doo that most American kids are fed from birth. I don’t buy it.

I say you CAN be happy with who you are and what you’ve got. I say bigger is NOT always better and neither quality NOR quantity rule my roost. I say that my way may not be the best way and I don’t care?and that goes for your way too. I say I do NOT have to be productive all the time to to have self worth, and that the only measure of a good life was whether or not you had fun while living it. Finally, I say ANYTHING I say is suspect, so go ask your granddad BEFORE you quit your job and take up professional windsurfing. You dad is too young to answer the question.

19-Lying in Wait

18-Morale Building

We live in a two-story house in an old neighborhood. Next door is a large red-brick building with a green ceramic roof, and a small alleyway between. This building houses apartments upstairs, a few businesses downstairs. There is a balcony where the closest tenant keeps his plants, lets his dog lie in the breeze, andContinue Reading

17-Chicken Dinners, Part 1

Try as I might, I just cannot wrap my head around this. At least 25 more people died over the weekend in Libya and Nigeria alone because that newspaper in Denmark published some insulting cartoons. As part of the Nigerian festivities, 15 churches were burned to the ground and a priest and three children wereContinue Reading

16-Fast Friends

I do not know why I love this movie so. Normally, movies/books/stories about people who make really bad decisions and who’s lives fall to pieces as a consquence leave me feeling a little cheated. If the main plot arc is the main character’s obvious stupidity it makes it a little harder to get into, andContinue Reading

15-Italian Food

I am no kinda car guy. My wife laughs at me over this whenever I get stuck among a group of guys engaged in “car talk.” (No, not the radio show?which further illustrates my point. That show is for people who listen to NPR, not people who know cars. That I am even AWARE ofContinue Reading

14-Last Call

Begin with no fewer than ten lengths of stout cord, each at least twelve feet long. To each of these, along varying intervals, tie between sixteen and twenty large metal washers. Now, gripping the one end of all ten of your cords together, drag them rapidly through the space between the walls, between the floorContinue Reading

13-Domestic Life

I got fired from my first cartooning job because I poked some fun at the Pike house (a college fraternity) that they really didn’t appreciate. They were notorious on campus as the worst of the worst and the cartoon played up that image with a few “extra kinks” thrown in. The Pikes sent a delegationContinue Reading